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Pistachio Production and Research Specialist

Salary $22.12 Per Hour (Or current Prevailing Wage Rate)


• Master's Degree in Agricultural Entomology
• Agricultural Pest Control Advisor License (PCA)
• Certified Crop Advisor Certification (CCA)
• Nitrogen Management Certification


• 5 Years’ experience in pistachio pest, disease and nutrient management
• 1 Year pistachio research and extension, preferably in the State of California
• Proof of continued education pertaining to latest agricultural industry policies and procedures
• Hands on experience in farming activities
• Self-motivated with the ability to work independently and efficiently
• Possess clean driving record
• Willingness to travel inside and outside of the United States as needed
Responsible for monitoring acres of pistachio orchards over the San Joaquin Valley. Responsible for providing insect, disease, weed, and nutrient management recommendations. Design and conduct pesticide, fungicide, and fertilizer research trials in pistachio in different counties in California.


• Field Scouting and Tracking
• Writing Pesticide Use Recommendations
• Application Efficiency Evaluations and Follow-up
• Experiments:
Conduct field experiments with technical services team. Analyze data after experiments are completed. Assist technical team with proper follow-through on ranch experiments during harvest or throughout season. Collaborate with UC representatives on various experiments as needed. Come up with potential new experiments, and or, ways to improve on existing experiments.
• Analytical Samples (Soil, Plant Tissues and Water):
Assist the technical services team with sampling i.e., tissues, almond hull, soils, waters, and any other special sampling that may arise.
• Weak Area Planning:
Work with technical team to observe poorer performing areas on all ranches, and come up with a plan along with technical team to improve soils, plant health, water penetration, etc. Observe results after implementation.
• Post-Harvest Data Entry/Reporting:
Assist the technical team with post-harvest data entry and reporting (i.e. insect damage, insect damage from ranches with puffers vs. ranches without), ILRP yields, etc. Use data to improve sprays, coverage, timing, material use, material rotation, etc.
• Attend technical and research related meetings, or classes, to stay abreast of the most current industry practices.
• Review and submission of all state-mandated Nitrogen Management Plans.
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